The Red River Gorge Today, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky

Maps of the Red River Gorge Geological Area

Getting to the Red River Gorge: map and directions

Online Map Resources

If you would like to use Google Maps or another commercial map website to get specific driving directions or area road maps, enter your destination on their website as Slade, KY, or Pine Ridge, KY. The zip code is 40376. Red River Gorge
USFS Red River Gorge Map>
3D Red River Gorge map by Forest Service Red River Gorge trail map

Purchasing printed maps of the Red River Gorge

Online maps are handy, but they don't come close to showing detail like the portable paper ones do. Below are two links where you can buy a detailed topograghical map, a must-have for the serious backcountry hiker, camper, or climber:

USFS Red River Gorge Maps

Indian Staircase Trail

The trail loop leading to the Indian Staircase (or Stairway) is an unofficial trail that has no USFS trail number, name, or signage, and therefore is not shown on any official USFS map.

This area has been over-run in recent years, which has lead to escalated erosion and defacement. We join the Forest Service in requesting that we all give this area a long break to rejuvenate. If you absolutely must go, please use only the official trails to get there (Bison Way Trail and Sheltowee Trace), tread lightly, and leave no trace.

If you would like to know who constructed this staircase of weathered footholds, check out our archived Featured Article: Who built the Indian Staircase?

GPS Map for Garmin

Do you want a FREE Red River Gorge Topo Map download for your Garmin Mapping GPS? Check out this link: Free GPS Map