The Red River Gorge Today, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky

Safety in the Red River Gorge

There are many safety issues in the Red River Gorge. On this page, we will address issues that seem to be of the biggest concern to this specific area of the Danial Boone National Forest. For more detailed information, the USFS Safety Page provides a comprehensive guide on the subject.

The clifflines in the Red River Gorge are beautiful, but they are also dangerous. Every year, visitors are injured or killed by a fall from a cliff in the Danial Boone National Forest. A neighbor of mine fell to his death in the Gorge in the summer of 2005, so PLEASE consider these safety tips provided by the USFS:

Vehicle break-ins. True, this won't kill you, but it is more likey to happen than dying from a venomous snake bite, or getting attacked by a bear, so it is worth addressing here. To help avoid this unnatural danger, the USFS recommends that you:

If your car has been vandalized, contact local law enforcement officials. Here's a handy number to have:

KY State Police: 1-800-222-5555

General Safety Considerations: